MARAZ was founded in 1978 by Mr. Salvador Pallarés Magrazo and Mr. Antonio Palau Magrazo and was borned as a little electric motorswinding shop in the Sants district in Barcelona.

When the working volume increased it was necessary to move to a bigger facilities and they looked for a place with good comunications net and industrial infraestructure.

In 1985 Maraz moved to Sant Boi de Llobregat, a village 15Km. near Barcelona.
The craft process was changed by more industrialized manufacturing systems, but traditional systems were kept to be combined the most advanced machinery.

In the course of these years and until our days, the company has been pioneer in the alternating current special motors, wich are adapted to our customers needs, and we consolidated in this market a a top company, whith a lot of new products and manufacturing systems.

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